Sunday, 7 October 2007

The not-yet-a-therapist and the Satan-chasing psychologist.

One of our four children went to a female "Christian" therapist who was still in training to get her MFCC. This not-yet-a-therapist worked under the direction of Satan-chasing psychologist, Dr. F. What better way for a student to impress Dr. F. than to find a patient who had actually suffered satanic ritual abuse?
My daughter had sought help at a time when her basic problem was overwork; she had a job, 3 children, and 3 stepchildren. This not-yet-certified therapist, however, helped my daughter to believe that her problems were caused by repressed memories of satanic ritual abuse.
The little bit of reality that grew into memories of satanic rituals and horrible abuse was almost certainly a real memory of a fluoroscope machine in a dark room that our pediatrician used when she was little.
As a consequence of the therapy, our daughter was told to tell all her siblings never to talk to us, write to us, or see us again.
Another daughter who was also overworked in her effort to be the perfect professional, wife, and mother went to the same therapist. When her sister told this second daughter about her new memories, it wasn't long before she also believed she had endured satanic ritual abuse...

Complete text in the latest edition of the FMSF Newsletter (PDF)

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