Sunday, 7 October 2007

Fractured families.

Parents falsely accused of sexual abuse by their now adult children are bravely speaking out about their heartbreak through a book which puts their accounts into the public domain for the first time.
The book, Fractured Families, was launched at an event hosted by Earl Howe at the House of Lords on 15th May 2007. It charts the tragic stories of how adults have become estranged from loving parents.
It describes the damage done by well-meaning healthcare professionals, counsellors and therapists and by irresponsible self-help literature.
Some of the stories have a happier ending, with the accusers retracting their accusations and beginning a process of reconciliation.
Sixteen parents have decided to break the silence and stigma of allegations of historic child sexual abuse. They represent thousands of families known to the British False Memory Society, and perhaps many more that remain isolated in their pain.

More details in the latest British False Memory Society newsletter (PDF)

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