Sunday, 5 March 2006

Problems with Sybil.

From the latest FMS Foundation Newsletter:
"...CBS is remaking the movie Sybil with plans to air it this spring.
It was filmed in Halifax during January and February, is directed by Joseph Sargent, and stars Jessica Lange, Tammy Blanchard and JoBeth Williams.
The movie "is based on one of the first documented cases of multiple personalities."
And that is the problem. Since the gripping original 1976 movie, after which the number of diagnosed cases of multiple personality soared, Sybil has been shown to be a hoax.
Her multiple personalities were caused by her unduly suggestive mental health treatment....
The remake of Sybil without clarification that this is not a documented case of multiple personality is an ethical issue.
The publisher of the Wilkomirski memoir withdrew it from sale once it was shown to be false...."
Also in this edition, The Memory Wars:
"....It was a tragic mental health scandal: accusations resulting from supposedly long-repressed memories of childhood sexual abuse brought to light by self-deluded therapists and questionable and suggestive techniques such as hypnotism.
The false memory wars, which raged throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, are slowly subsiding, but they are far from over...."
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