Monday, 6 March 2006

'Serious concerns' about the Victorian report.

According to an article in the AFMA Bulletin, released over the weekend, an eminent group of scientists and independent scholars has expressed serious concerns about the draft report of the Victorian Government’s Inquiry into the Practice of Recovered Memory Therapy.
In a joint letter to the Project Officer, the group has rejected a number of statements in the draft report as “one-sided” and “ incorrect”.
The group was made up of Dr Maryanne Garry, Dr Elizabeth F. Loftus, Dr Pamela Freyd, Dr Lynley Hood, Dr Donald Thomson, and Dr Michael Corballis.
In their letter, the group said their members were “dedicated to seeing that the scientific literature on human memory is presented accurately. As such, we have serious concerns about the draft report.”
They found evidence used in the draft report as “woefully out-of-date”, lacking scientific evidence, and either misinterpreting or containing methodological flaws which do not support the claims.
Adriaan Mak, of Canadian False Memory Support Groups, has also been critical of the Victorian Inquiry’s draft report.
Source: AFMA Bulletin.

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