Friday, 3 March 2006

An open letter from Narelle Merrit in Queensland.

" All Mental Health Practitioners, Counsellors, Politicians, Church Healing Ministries and Psychologists:
This is an open letter warning about dangerous forms of therapy including repressed/recovered memory therapy (which includes therapy based on Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder ) and a new and rampant purportedly Christian healing ministry called Theophostic Prayer Ministry marketed by Ed Smith In the U.S.A....
This is just a brief account of my true story. My name is Narelle Merritt and I reside in Brisbane Queensland, I have spent the last three years in total agony and emotional pain because I become involved with a freelance so-called therapist on the QLD Gold Coast who practices a mishmash of repressed memory, body memory and Theophostic Ministry on her unwitting patients....
This therapy is DANGEROUS and can and has resulted in the destruction of countless (thousands) of families including my own....
Theophostic Prayer Ministry used the following techniques on my family and I: Guided imagery, reference to 'Body memories', hypnotic trances, suggestibility, heavy emphasis on 'abreaction', constant reinforcement of the fact that all the bizarre memories were true because the therapist had heard it all before...."
For the complete text of Narelle Merrit's letter, see:

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