Monday, 13 February 2006


There is one Australian lobby group that appears to retain a strong belief in repressed/recovered memories.
The following extract is from the website of Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse:
"...The concept that an experience, as extreme as one involving abuse, could be ever lost to the conscious mind is hard to believe and accept.
However the fact that the processing of memories, which have been ‘recovered’, ultimately produces improvements in a survivor’s health and well-being is a strong argument towards accepting the reality of their existence.
Frequently these memories return with ‘body memories’: physical sensations and reactions apparently stored since the time of the original abuse.
In addition to these specific body memories, many survivors suffer physical ills and inexplicable pains, as well as many mental and emotional ills.
Many of these symptoms improve and eventually resolve once the abuse has been remembered and its effects, acknowledged and addressed.
One can only presume that a false memory would not produce such an outcome.
While by far the majority of ‘recovered memories’ appear to be factually-based, on occasions memories considered real by ‘survivors’ are found not to be completely authentic..."
Complete text of ASCA statement about repressed/recovered memories at:

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