Saturday, 18 February 2006

Prof. McFarlane: ASCA "categorically argues in support of...repressed memory".

Whatever your views about former Governor-General Peter Hollingworth, one aspect of the controversy wasn't widely reported at the time.
Transcript from ABC radio, March 2002:
"...DAVID HARDAKER: But those who now sit in judgment on the Governor-General find themselves in a curious position. While questioning the Governor-General's fitness to be their patron, they're defending his judgment on another controversial question relating to child sexual abuse.
In August last year, Dr Hollingworth withdrew as patron of an organisation known as Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse or ASCA.
That decision went largely unnoticed until two weeks ago when ASCA joined the frenzy of public criticism of Dr Hollingworth and questioned his commitment to child sexual abuse issues...
PROFESSOR SANDY McFARLANE: Now I understand that that organisation is one that categorically argues in support of the issue of repressed memory and I think it is a controversial issue and I think, that's not to say that child abuse is a controversial issue, but I think probably the Governor-General was well advised in that regard..."
See also ABC archive:

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