Wednesday, 8 February 2006

Peter Ellis and the Memory Wars

From The New Zealand Herald in 2003:
"...Our will to protect the welfare and fate of our children is deep and fierce. It brings out the caring best in people — a sense of sacrifice, an intense desire to offer them a better life.
But this same primal impulse can also bring out the worst in us — hysterical panics about the latest threat to our children. At the low end, such perceived threats might include fast-food obesity or violent video games. At the high end, we worry our children will fall victim to drug pushers or child molesters.
These are authentic worries because incest and sexual abuse are as real as drugs. But given the complexities of the human mind and the mechanics of memory, sex-abuse anxieties have also resulted in witch-hunts and horrific miscarriages of justice..."
Chronology of the case:

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