Tuesday, 26 November 2013

The delusions of Liz Mullinar: a satanic cult, ritual abuse and more

LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: Disturbing accusations are being made about a foundation called Heal For Life that runs retreats for child sexual abuse victims in four states of Australia. It was founded by the high-profile former TV and movie casting agent Liz Mullinar. It runs programs for children as young as seven years old, as well as teenagers and adults. Many abuse victims who attend its week-long healing sessions report positive results.

But the problem is that some of those survivors are then recruited as carers themselves, and after just a few days' training, are responsible for looking after others who've been severely traumatised by abuse.

Some of those carers have now come forward to 7.30. They complain of inadequate training, routine self-harm, bizarre allegations of a satanic cult and false recovered memories of ritual abuse...


Retreat for abuse victims 'cult-like'
by Richard Guilliatt
The Australian
7 September 2013

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by Richard Guilliatt 
The Australian Magazine
23 September 2006

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