Friday, 2 November 2012

False Memory - True Grief

From: Trouw  (A Netherlands newspaper) Asha ten Broeke, a psychologist, writes about science, and is a columnist for Trouw. For reasons of privacy the names in the article below are fictive.  Translation by Adrian Mak.

The alternative psychotherapy circuit has an innocent image.

Yet, not always deservedly so. Some methods used by "healers" who dig into their clients' past, may generate false memories This leads to nothing but sorrow.

It may start with a dream involving incest. Such a nightmare may mean nothing, but for Marieke it led to a long search for the truth. She at first was doubtful and told her brother so.

Although she could hardly believe it, she was unable to tell fantasy from fact. Did something so seriously happen in my youth that I totally repressed the memory?...