Saturday, 3 November 2012

Dr. Phil: 'a public mental health menace'

A letter, signed 'Acrimoniously yours', from Doug Mesner:

Dear Dr. Phil,

I write this letter to you with little hope of conveying information of which you were previously unaware.

Rather, I write this letter so that the general public may be made aware of what you should already be well aware of, in hopes that they may appropriately measure your credibility following your forthcoming broadcast* related to the topic of an alleged satanic cult conspiracy -- an episode which promises to be full of misinformation, delusions, harmful false accusations, and lies.

Specifically, it has come to my attention that you will be airing an interview with Judy Byington, author of a book entitled Twenty-Two Faces which purports to be the true story of one Jenny Hill, an alleged victim of the bizarre and controversial psychiatric condition known as Dissociative Identity Disorder [DID] (formerly listed as Multiple Personality Disorder [MPD]....

A great read, from start to finish, at: