Sunday, 29 January 2006

Strange bedfellows.

An excerpt from Second Thoughts: Understanding the False Memory Crisis and How It Could Affect You, by Paul Simpson:

So who are the people that promote regressionism? On a national level there are four social groups: feminists, Christians, New Agers, and Science-fiction advocates.
In my work with regressionists, I've noticed that the different regression camps (much like competing denominations) tend to not get along with each other.
Each group is certain that it's the real thing while the other "denominations" are ruining credibility for actual victims.
Feminists assert their hypnotic images are authentic and wish the space alien advocates would quit making their outrageous claims.
Meanwhile, ritual abuse believers are often Christians who side with the feminists, but take offense at the stories of the New Agers who journey into past lives.
The New Agers, who side with the space alien advocates, are disgusted by the Christians who are so closed-minded.
In last place, the space alien advocates get the least respect and just want to be invited to the party.
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