Tuesday, 31 January 2006

Kitty's story.

"...My name is Kitty and I am a Dutch retractor.
A few years ago I sought out a therapist to sort out a problem involving a traumatic sexual abuse experience; one which I always had clearly remembered since my youth.
The female therapist was said to be specialized in in this area of therapy. I put my fate in her hands and ended being “ bungled professionally.”
Instead of dealing with my problem this therapist thought it more interesting to search for other, supposedly repressed memories and other abuse experiences.
In due time I dredged up traumatic stories, but these turned out to be believed-in imaginings. Trauma resolution became trauma obsession, and instead of finding healing, my mental state worsened day by day...
...Observing my posture and movements, my therapist could tell precisely, how I had suffered as a child.
When I wobbled my foot once, as my father’s name came up, she knew that he had done something horrible.
She told me that I had an “odd” way of drinking, which clearly indicated oral sexual abuse during early infancy.
Nervously wriggling my sweater had the be a gesture typical of my inner two - or three-year old still looking for safety, because at that age I must have experienced traumatic events. I have habit, when making a fist, of folding my fingers over my thumb.
This, I was told, clearly indicated that I had experienced seriously damaging events prior to age three, because that is how babies make fists.
After age three they put their thumbs over the index finger when making fists.
Through such “techniques’ my therapist made me aware, not just of a past marked by sexual abuses and emotional neglect, but also at what precise ages these abuses had taken place..."
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