Monday, 26 December 2005

Judgment is too late for Sydney grandmother who passed away in 2004

"...JULIA LIMB: It's been 11 years since the Sydney teenager first accused her parents and grandmother of sexual abuse, and the Supreme Court's judgment...came too late for the grandmother who died last year...
GREG WALSH: It was a very significant issue because the principal complainant was a person who had attended upon a therapist who was implacably a believer in the concept of repressed memory, and over about 42 sessions had been involved in treatment of the particular complainant.
And over a period of time there evolved in the course of therapy increasing recollections and allegations of a most bizarre type...
...I don't think the family will ever recover from what's occurred.
I mean, these people have had, in effect, their lives ruined.
They will go to their graves always remembering and having the impact that this case affected upon them.
It's a terribly sad case...
LOUISE NEWMAN: ...the consequences of this sort of therapeutic approach in unskilled hands or in overenthusiastic hands are very serious.
Certainly working with repressed memories or working with people who've survived abuse is not the sort of therapy that should be undertaken by people without a lot of experience working in this area."

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