Sunday, 30 November 2014

Updates at the British False Memory Society

The British False Memory Society is very active in its coverage of ongoing cases in the UK. There seems to be a resurgence of activity in Satanic Abuse claims there, particularly in Scotland. Notorious 'therapist' and activist Valerie Sinason is apparently still practicing, although hopefully her days are numbered. From the BFMS site:
"...Once again advocates of the much discredited Satanic Abuse Panic are making claims of widespread child abuse across Britain. Scotland appears to have become caught up in a nationwide frenzy of superstitious irrationality. This moral panic exhibits typical clich├ęs of sensationalist psychology. In England, the case of Carol Myers/Felstead ( - whose family were falsely accused of an endless variety of insane criminal acts - has comprehensively demonstrated that the existence of Satanic Cults preying on vulnerable children is a myth created on the therapists couch. As in Rotherham, real victims of abuse are being let down by focusing on this nonsense..."