Friday, 4 July 2014

Death rattles of the Satanic cult

From a recent post about Carol Felstead at the Anna Raccoon blog in the UK:

...From slightly confused teenage trainee nurse, into a victim of ‘extensive physical and sexual satanic abuse’ – a highly prized exhibit for the fledgling ‘Satanic Abuse industry’ then recently imported from America. Carol was systematically cut off from her family, and came to believe that she had given birth to six children, been abused by ‘two top Tory politicians’, that her Mother and Father were high priests of the Satanic movement who had ‘sat her on the body of her dead older sister before setting fire to the house in an attempt to kill her’.  She was jealously guarded by those who were building a business model based on such ‘truths’ – and repeatedly told that contact with her ‘abusers’ would only delay her recovery....