Thursday, 7 June 2012

Are you game for a meditation retreat with Matthew Meinck?

It appears cult-leader and recovered-memory advocate Matthew Meinck is back in business.

To quote from the publicity material for a '
10-day Silent Meditation Retreat' with the self-described 'healer' at his Chittering Valley resort in WA:

Matthew Meinck is an original thinker, an explorative ground-breaking natural health practitioner and educator, published author, meditation mentor, problem solver...

...Treating mental and physical health as one integral condition he has successfully treated over 30,000 people suffering all 
manner of problems. 

From simple relationship difficulties through to curing thousands of so called incurable structural problems, he also succeeded in developing 
ways for thousands of people to heal the effects of traumatic life experiences...

...All therapy is only a method through which
a true healer awakens the healer of nature within you...

Anyone considering handing over their $2500 would do well to watch 
Over the Edge, the chilling ABC Four Corners exposé of Meinck's methods. 

Broadcast on 5 April 2010, Sarah Ferguson's report tells 'the harrowing story of the therapist whose work led some patients to believe they'd committed or been the victim of shocking sexual crimes'.

Meinck's 10-day retreat is being advertised via Sydney-based 
Lightstays Retreats