Thursday, 12 January 2012

A wife lost to Shepherd's Heart SRA cult

Sydney's Channel 9 recently covered the Shepherd's Heart cult, a group of Satanic Ritual Abuse believers based in Canberra.

'...Nathan was happily married... three years ago, his wife went out to a Bible class and never came home...'

 '...I never anticipated that things would unravel in such a sinister way...'

'...They've robbed her family of a daughter, a sister a niece, and a  granddaughter...'

'....These people believe they've been subjected to horrendous ritual satanic abuse, at the hands of their own families...'

'...Shepherd's Heart's leader is John Darnell, he and his wife Glenys are demonstrating what the church believes to be appropriate counselling...'

'...Shepherd's Heart calls it Dissociative Identity Disorder…which is based on a belief that followers have suffered abuse so awful, they've repressed the memories, and that only cult members can counsel them...'

Professor Grant Devilly, from Griffith University's Psychological Health research unit: '...My guess is an about 100 years time, we'll look back at this whole area of Dissociative Identity Disorder and Repressed Memory Therapy, and people will just shake their heads and say, what did they think they were doing...'

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