Sunday, 7 August 2011

Matthew Meinck: the healer vanishes...

Matthew Meinck was the unqualified psychotherapist and cult leader featured in the ABC documentary Over the Edge.

Since the documentary aired in April 2010, little has been heard from the self-described 'healer', and it is not known whether he is still practicing.

Meinck's wife Kate is still promoting her services as a chef at the couple's Chittering Valley Retreat in Western Australia, but there seems to be no mention of the healer himself.  Mrs Meinck appeared in the documentary, and was seen dramatically disconnecting the ABC crew's lighting gear.

Earlier this year, the National Health Ministers' Advisory Council made a call for submissions regarding regulation of the psychotherapy industry.

A submission regarding Meinck's activities was made by Carline Humfrey, and can be downloaded here: No 157 – Carline Humfrey.pdf. There is also an index that can be downloaded at the AHMAC website, containing links to many of the other documents submitted: Submissions.doc

The ABC has made Over the Edge available for viewing online: