Sunday, 26 June 2011

Satanic abuse claims ‘doomed our girl’

In the UK, Daniel Foggo in The Sunday Times describes how a woman whose death in 2005 remains a mystery had her wild beliefs of abuse nurtured by her doctors:

A family have described how their daughter’s life went into terminal decline after she was treated by psychiatrists and doctors who fostered false beliefs in her mind that she was the victim of satanic abuse.

Carole Myers was treated for 20 years by experts — including a former head of ethics for the British Medical Association (BMA) — yet the family say her deluded claims went unchallenged. She even alleged she had been abused at Conservative Central Office by two former cabinet ministers.

Myers eventually died at 41 in mysterious circumstances. A report by a Scotland Yard officer, Detective Sergeant Grant Lander, stated that he found it “quite incredible” that the satanic abuse claims were taken at face value by experts when they were demonstrably untrue.

Her case has alarming parallels with the satanic abuse cases of the late 1980s and early 1990s in Cleveland, Orkney, Rochdale and Nottingham — where parents were separated from their children on the basis of uncorroborated claims from self professed victims of ritual exploitation.

Since Carole’s death in 2005, her parents and brothers have pieced together much of her medical history and the murky events surrounding her death....

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