Saturday, 12 February 2011

Justice for Carol: the activities of Dr Fleur Fisher

The 'Memory Wars' may have subsided, but the aftershocks are still reverberating. In the UK, members of the Felstead family write:

Our beloved daughter and sister, Carol, a vulnerable and mentally ill adult, was found dead in her flat at 17a Swanage Road, Wandsworth, London, SW18 2DZ on the 29th June 2005 at about 3:30pm. The cause of death was indeterminable.

Our family have been fighting for five years to get to the bottom of the extraordinary events surrounding her death. The facts are as follows: Carol died on 29 June 2005; our family were not notified of her death by the Coroner’s Office until the 14 July 2005. In the meantime, an eminent doctor, Dr Linda Fleur Fisher, had arranged Carol’s cremation and disposed of her personal possessions.

Dr Fisher told the Metropolitan Police, Battersea Coroner’s Office and Servite Housing Association that she was Carol’s next of kin and executor. She was accepted on her word and was not asked to provide any evidence to support these preposterous claims....

....The emergency 999 phone call was not mentioned at Carol’s inquest. Our family only became aware of Dr Fisher after a police officer inadvertently mentioned her name in a telephone conversation after the inquest had taken place. We did a quick internet search on Dr Fisher and were astonished to find out that she specialises in health care ethics and was formerly Head of Ethics at the British Medical Association....

...From Carol’s medical records and other information that we have acquired since Carol’s death, it appears that Carol had been given ‘regressive memory therapy’ or recovered memory therapy as it is commonly known. The basis for the therapy is that a patient turns up at a doctors with an innocuous complaint like stomach ache. No physical cause can be found, so the doctor asserts that the cause must be psychological. The patient is then referred for therapy.

The therapist asserts that the patient has suffered some kind of terrible abuse – which he/she has repressed and therefore have no conscious memories of whatsoever; this, unbelievably, is supposed to be the case, even if the abuse is meant to have occurred thousands of times over many years. The purpose of recovered memory therapy is to recover the ‘lost memories’. Some patients receiving this treatment have undergone drug-assisted interviewing (using sodium amytal), hypnosis and age regression. We believe that this therapy was responsible for Carol’s mental illness. After having this treatment, Carol became convinced that she had been a victim of events which never actually occurred.

After receiving recovered memory therapy, Carol’s medical records reveal that she made claims that are so preposterous that nobody would believe them without some evidence, except it seems Dr Fisher, Carol’s therapists and other like-minded individuals who never bothered to check if any of these ridiculous claims were actually true. Carol’s medical records also reveal that her therapy was supported with extensive medication....