Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Rogue psychotherapist Matthew Meinck

Last night, the ABC Four Corners program provided remarkable insights into Australia's unregulated psychotherapy industry. It included interviews with rogue therapist Matthew Meinck and several of his former clients.
Bizarre and implausible recovered memories featured prominently, but Meinck seemed unapologetic and denied doing anything wrong.
Some people may be surprised to learn that Meinck's therapeutic methods are not particularly unusual. In Australia over the years, many other psychotherapists – both qualified and unqualified – have engaged in similar so-called 'memory recovery' techniques. This has resulted in untold grief for clients and their families.
One notorious case dragged through the NSW courts for years, after the use of regression techniques not unlike those used by Meinck.
The Four Corners program is available for viewing online at