Wednesday, 17 February 2010

Recovered Memories and Ufology

The scenarios described in UFO abduction accounts are remarkably similar to the “recovered memories” found in the pop-psychology literature associated with repressed memory syndrome.

This form of therapy takes as a given the explanation that most adult emotional problems are the byproducts of, repressed into forgotten, childhood sexual abuse.

But in ufology the roles are reversed - the childlike aliens are the abusers of adults.

Alien abduction scenarios often detail painful medical procedures centering on the probing of the body’s orifices – that which the alien lacks. The abductees are powerless victims suffering at the hands of emotionless diminuative figures.

Obviously, the similarity of the scenarios found both in “recovered” memories of childhood abuse and alien abduction accounts points toward a cultural crisis regarding notions of childhood, sexuality, and power.

Even figures within the world of ufology itself now say that recovered memories of alien abduction are perhaps only symbolic, though they also believe that this aspect of the abduction “phenomenon” is promoted by, and in the service of, the aliens....

On the Aesthetics of Ufology by Mike Kelley
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