Friday, 12 February 2010

From the Legislative Assembly of Manitoba

...It is difficult to believe that in the year 2001 a Manitoban politician spoke in the provincial Legislature in support of a discredited 1990s pop psychotherapy fad that started in the late 1980s, caused great harm to thousands of innocent lives before it began to flame out in 1996. I and many others are deeply interested in the recognized professional sources that the minister referred to in the House in support of these sexual abuse psychotherapy ideas and Bill 8.

I understand there are a few die-hard feminists living in some sort of a time capsule, desperately unwilling to admit the demise of the repressed childhood memories idea. If you detect a sense of anger in my voice, I make no apologies for it. The time is long overdue for politicians in Canada to recognize the incredible amount of harm done by the ravages of fraudulent recovered memory therapy...

Hansard, Tuesday, May 7, 2002

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