Thursday, 31 December 2009

Teeth grinding: proof of repressed memories?

After prompting by a therapist, some McMartin children said they had been molested by actor Chuck Norris and had seen people fly around the room. These statements should have cast doubt on their other statements (produced by leading questions by therapists who assumed from the start that molestation had taken place), but they did not. It was the most expensive trial in California history, and some of the defendants spent years in jail awaiting trial, but it was ultimately determined that the accusations contained no truth whatsoever.

People believe things that don't make sense and that we know are not true. People used to believe that the sun went around the earth. Some people believe they were kidnapped by witches or aliens and subject to sexual molestation.

These things don't make sense. Yet people believe them.

It doesn't make sense that my sister believes that her teeth-grinding is proof of a repressed oral sexual assault. I grind my teeth too, and I was never molested. The same is true of millions of other Americans...

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