Tuesday, 20 January 2009

Western Australia: bizarre repressed memory cult

Colleen Egan
Sunday Times, Perth, January 17, 2009

In Western Australia, families are being ripped apart by a self-styled cult leader whose followers believe they have repressed memories of rape.

About 20 people have become devotees of a New Age "healer'', Matthew Meinck, who owns a retreat property in Chittering Valley.

Meinck, an Australian-born former monk, believes that people retain in their bodies memories of abuse that can be retrieved during intense deep-tissue massage, regressive therapy and gruelling meditation sessions lasting up to two weeks...

...The Sunday Times has interviewed eight people who were under the influence of Meinck from about 2003.

During long retreats at the property, they became convinced they had been sexually abused by parents, extended families, workmates and - eventually - each other.

Several laid complaints to police and one man even confessed to ``raping'' his children and a babysitter before being admitted to Graylands Hospital and realising the memories were not real...


There has been a huge response to the article in The Sunday Times, and a follow up can be found here:

More lives ruined by cult's bizarre control

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