Monday, 30 July 2007

Therapist ordered to pay restitution.

AMSTERDAM - Psychotherapist Peter K. has been ordered to stop claiming that his client Annemarie had an incestuous childhood. He has been ordered to pay the family of Annemanrie 11.000 Euro in restitution.
Annemarie had been for many years the client of K. and "recovered" as a result of his therapy memories of a childhood full of incest, illegal abortions, infanticide, and the sale of her new-born children. Dutch television network NCRV in June 2000, did broadcast a documentary about those memories, but settled after a judge intervened on behalf of the angry relatives. The documentary had been aired without the network ever attempting to corroborate the accusations; the abuse claims had never been verified and had never been reported to the police.
Therapist K, however in a radio broadcast late in 2001 declared to be 100% certain about his client's incest past. Family members felt that their good reputation had been besmirched once more. They again contacted the judge, He sided with the family.
The NCRV-TV documentary was called: Hidden mothers, pregnant after incest. (Verborgen moeders, zwanger na incest )

Translated from the Dutch newspaper TROUW
14 july 2007

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