Tuesday, 10 April 2007

'Repressions' the movie.

In a new short film, a fictional therapist helps her client to 'recover' memories of abuse. From the publicity release for Repressions:
Emmy-winning actress Sharon Case (The Young and the Restless) stars as Janie, a jobless, 31-year-old woman in a troubled relationship. Unhappy with her life, she seeks help from psychologist Dr. Flowers, played by Debra Hopkins.

Over a series of therapy sessions, Flowers convinces Janie that her life is not what it seems and that she is repressing a terrible secret from her childhood, which is the root of her current problems. Soon memories of sexual abuse begin coming back to Janie. But are Janie's memories real ... or a product of her therapist's suggestions?

Repressions was inspired by several real-life cases, including the tragic McMartin, Ramona, and Friedman cases, in which irresponsible therapy techniques led to false charges of child sexual abuse. The film shows how, step by step, suggestive technique can lead to the creation of false memories and false beliefs.
Writer/director Adam Kargman recalls, "I had heard of false memories, but I was skeptical." But then Kargman, who is also an attorney, worked on a sexual abuse lawsuit in 2005 that changed his mind. "During the course of the litigation, I became convinced that false memories are actually quite common."

More information at www.repressionsmovie.com
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