Wednesday, 29 November 2006

Forecasting the future.

In 2048, a descendant of George Orwell will write 2084, a book about a totalitarian society in need of control.
When we have mastered the false memory recipes, we will need to worry about who controls them.
What brakes should be imposed on police, lawyers, advertisers?
More than ever, we'll need to constantly keep in mind that memory, like liberty, is a fragile thing.
Elizabeth Loftus
18 November 2006
New Scientist news service

Saturday, 25 November 2006

From noble cause to nightmare.

A one-day seminar on historic allegations of sexual abuse is to be held in Queensland next month.
Speakers include Dr Paul Reynolds, Michael Cox, Greg Walsh, Dr. Travis Gee, Lois D'Arcy, Tony Connolly, and Robert Kenward.

From Noble Cause to Nightmare.

Date: Saturday December 2nd
Venue: Surfair Conference Centre, Marcoola Beach, QLD.

For more information:
Call Michael Cox on (07) 5484 1348 or email

A dangerous combination.

As the recent revelations about Mayumarri have indicated, religion and amateur psychotherapy can be a dangerous combination.
Jan Fletcher's website gives an excellent overview of some developments in this area:
Another useful link (pdf download):

Theophostics: 'convoluted and unbiblical'.

Since neither Biblical nor scientific evidence is offered for the key premise of Theophostics, there is no reason to take it seriously.
In my many years of writing articles about various teachings that come through the church, rarely have I come across a teaching as convoluted and unbiblical as this one.
From Theophostics: Unbiblical Teaching Wedded to Mystical Experience by Bob DeWaay:

Thursday, 16 November 2006

'Glaring flaws' in abuse memoir.

THE family of an author who wrote a bestseller about being tortured and raped by Irish priests said that she had been living with them during the years of her alleged ordeal.
Kathy O’Beirne’s book Don’t Ever Tell is a harrowing tale of savage treatment at the hands of her father, followed by rape by priests, resulting in pregnancy, and whippings by nuns.
It has sold 350,000 copies in Britain and Ireland since it was published last year...,,13509-2366116,00.html

Wednesday, 8 November 2006

Complete text of The Untouchables.

Although Richard Guilliatt's article about Liz Mullinar and the Mayumarri Healing Centre is no longer available at The Australian website, it is available online:

Read the complete text of The Untouchables
For additional information, see also Mayumarri – Explanatory Notes