Tuesday, 3 October 2006

New evidence surfaces in bombing case.


Six years ago, Texas Death Row inmate Michael Toney made headlines when he tried to sell seats to his execution over the Internet.
But now Toney, convicted of blowing up three people in Lake Worth on Thanksgiving Day in 1985, may create another stir as he tries to avoid the death chamber for one of North Texas' most notorious crimes...
Defense attorneys contend that recently released reports from the DPS and the ATF show that investigators used what they call "cognitive interviewing techniques" to plant false memories into Meeks' and Kimberly Toney's minds. Those reports should have been released to Michael Toney's attorneys at the time of the trial, to show that they had not always given the same account of the crime...
Kimberly Toney's memories in particular were "unscrupulously recovered, reshaped, and reformed, by aggressive investigators desperately trying to close" the case, court papers said...

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