Tuesday, 4 July 2006

ICOM-4: Celebrating Memory Research

The 4th International Conference on Memory will be held at the University of New South Wales from Sunday 16th - Friday 21st July. From its website:
The first International Conference on Memory (ICOM) was held at the University of Lancaster, England, 15th-19th July, 1991. The aim of that ICOM was to bring together memory researchers with different interests, methods, and theoretical perspectives in one large gathering. Our hope was that this would foster links between the many areas of memory research and generally raise awareness of diverse new developments. These were also (and remain so) the aims of the journal Memory which was founded to meet the need demonstrated by the first ICOM for a means of bringing together the diversity of memory research.
For a complete list of conveners and topics for ICOM-4, visit: http://www.psy.unsw.edu.au/Groups/ICOM4/symposia.html

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