Wednesday, 10 May 2006

Recent newsletters.

The Australian False Memory Association puts out a regular newsletter. In the latest edition, there is news about the Fourth International Conference on Memory (ICOM-4), to be held at the University of NSW from July 16 to 21. There's also some sound advice from Adelaide barrister and solicitor, John Wells:
"Make no mistake - if you are charged with a sex offence from many years ago, you face difficulties in overcoming hysteria and defending the matter properly, you risk financial ruin and you face a real chance of being found guilty...
The single most potent and effective weapon in your armoury is a committed defence lawyer. The single greatest error people charged with sexual abuse make, is waiting to engage a lawyer and thinking they can go it alone...."
The newsletter is sent to all AFMA members. For details about joining, see
In the USA, the FMS Foundation also releases a newsletter, and the latest edition includes coverage of the remake of Sybil, the Scottish Can of Worms booklet, the Victorian Inquiry, and more. Download at

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