Friday, 19 May 2006

Irresponsible booksellers.

From the website of PsychOz, and its bookstore The Human Condition (which claims to have 'the best selection of psychotherapy and counselling books in Australia'):
"The Courage to Heal Workbook
For Women and Men Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
Laura Davis
HarperPerennial, 1990
"In this groundbreaking companion to The Courage to Heal, Laura Davis offers an inspiring, in-depth workbook that speaks to all women and men healing from the effects of child sexual abuse. The combination of checklists, writing and art projects, open-ended questions and activities expertly guides the survivor through the healing process...
Aspects of Healing - Focuses on the healing process: gaining a capacity for hope, breaking silence, letting go of shame, turning anger into action, planning a confrontation, preparing for family contact, and affirming personal progress...
Price $53.95 AUD"
This isn't the regular 'pop-psychology' version of the book, but the therapists' workbook edition. It would be interesting to know how many therapists are buying it – and why.
It is also of concern that PsychOz appears to have close links with PACFA, an organisation which has failed to formulate a position statement regarding recovered memories.
Other specialist counsellors' bookshops also carry the title, including Open Leaves.

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