Monday, 29 May 2006

Australian Story forum.

There were a handful of critical comments in the ABC guest book and forum for last week's Australian Story – See how she runs:
Author: sam
22 May 2006 9:23:18pm
>>>Re: anne garton is on line
I've worked in mental health for twenty years and think DID is a diagnosis given by particular psychiatrists who favour it...
I love your program, watch it all the time but DID as a mental illness does not come close with seriousness when compared with schizophrenia and true BPAD.
Mental illness is now a fashionable thing to have and unfortunately the mental health beds in public hospitals are filled with people who think so...

Author: tracey
22 May 2006 9:13:28pm
Subject>>>Re: Welcome to the forum
No offence, but I was wondering why she can't work. Triathalons take a huge amount of endurance both mentally and physically and she doesn't appear that mentally unstable that she can't get a basic job, instead of relying heavily on her parents.
Name: jennifer
Subject: Not all 'memories' are real
I am just sorry that you have come into contact with therapists who have apparently convinced you that you had been sexually abused, although thank goodness you haven't charged your family with this abuse. (I feel sorry that your mother is beating herself up over not being vigilant enough)...
Be aware [recovered memories] have been the subject of a recent inquiry by the Victorian government - and also that Dr. Warwick Middleton and his crew have for years been at the Australian forefront of those promoting the validity of DID/multiple personality/recovered memories...
I am disappointed that the ABC didn't see fit to give the DID/sex abuse diagnosis some balance given the current controversy both here and worldwide. I expect better of them...

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