Monday, 27 March 2006

Keeping track of the quacks.

Adriaan Mak is a Canadian parent who helped found the False Memory Syndrome Foundation in that country.
He has considerable experience, and perseverance, both as a commentator and activist.
Writing for he observes that
"...Many of the therapists, most of them so-called 'traumatologists' once involved in the Recovered Memory craze of the eighties and nineties, began to advertise their services as distress and bereavement counsellors.
The U.S. Government and businesses did set aside huge funds to help those distressed by the events that happened on Sept 11 and following get therapy from these quacks.
As one U.S. critic of the trauma therapy scene observed: 'Good grief!'...."
Adriaan recently wrote a letter to the Victorian Health Services Commisioner about the RMT Inquiry.
Health authorities in other states would do well to take heed of his views:
http: //Victorian Inquiry: letter from Adriaan Mak

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