Tuesday, 21 February 2006

More on the myth of satanic ritual abuse.

"...A decade ago, believers in "satanic ritual abuse" were quite forthright about their opinions.
However, as scientific, medical, and law enforcement experts have pointed out the gaping holes and contradictions in these stories, the lack of evidence to support them, and the poor credibility of those who claim they are victims, believers in "satanic ritual abuse" have been exposed to skepticism and ridicule by an increasingly well informed and less credulous public....
Aware of the ridicule that has been heaped upon claims of satanic cults and the failure of investigations to find any evidence, they are changing the name but keeping the claims.
Instead of "satanic ritual abuse," they keep the SRA acronym but say it stands for "sadistic ritual abuse."
Bass and Davis use this approach in the most recent edition of The Courage to Heal....
Of course, the techniques used to "recover memories" of incest and childhood sexual abuse are the same as the techniques used to "recover memories" of satanic ritual abuse.
So at this point, therapists who have been using these techniques for years--if they are honest with themselves--have a horrible moment of realization: for years, I've been leading people to develop false memories of horrendous physical and sexual abuse by their own families.
How many innocent families and lives have I shattered?...."
From www.stopbadtherapy.com/myths/sra.shtml

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