Sunday, 26 February 2006

The Australian Association for Recovered Memories.

ASCA was publicly formed in May 1995, as The Australian Association for Recovered Memories.
Although the name has changed, to this day it maintains that " far the majority of ‘recovered memories’ appear to be factually-based..."
ASCA did not believe there was any need for the Victorian Government to hold an inquiry into RMT.
From its submission to the Inquiry:
"...As survivors of childhood sexual abuse and members of ASCA (Advocates for Survivors of Child Abuse), we find it appalling that an inquiry into the practice of ‘Recovered/False Memory Therapy’ has been deemed necessary....
There is very little scientific evidence for a ‘False Memory Syndrome’ or the associated concept of ‘Recovered/False Memory Therapy’.
The genesis of the term ‘false memory’ was primarily political, not scientific, and was first coined by the False Memory Syndrome Foundation (FMSF) in the USA....
We are alarmed that the term ‘false memory’ has become part of the vernacular of our society, particularly in media circles, without any empirical basis for even the existence of such a psychological phenomenon....
Over the last fifteen years, we have both seen many therapists working from different therapeutic frameworks.
None has tried to ‘implant’ memories of abuse.
In fact, the opposite has sometimes been the case...."
Complete text of ASCA submission at:

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