Saturday, 14 January 2006

Radical feminists: 1
Tony Abbott: 0

Before he entered politics, Tony Abbott spent some time as a journalist.
Then, and during his student days, he made no secret of his strong anti-feminist views.
So it's a bit odd that he hasn't taken more of an interest in this issue.
After all, the recovered memories movement does owe rather a lot to radical feminism:

"...One might say that the recovered memory movement was born when Herman, along with Bass and other anti-patriarchal activists, failed to greet...'new memories' with appropriate skepticism..."
Frederic C. Crews

"...In group Ann recommended, along with Reach for the Rainbow, the book The Courage to Heal. She said it was good if you were okay about some of the lesbian stuff in it..."

"...The bibliography of the book has 180 references. Only two of them are anywhere near what could be termed reasoned or quantified approaches..."

"...Quite how this gospel was spread will probably never be known with accuracy. For it was spread not only by books but in the way that new gospels often are -- by word of mouth, and by example. It was spread through informal networks of psychotherapists, and by therapists who met in coffee-breaks, in conferences or in workshops..."

"...Bass and Davis, who undoubtedly have no understanding of the power of negative images over a person's physical and mental state, teach their readers to visualize and fantasize violent retribution against their fantasized abuser. 'You may dream of murder or castration. It can be pleasurable to fantasize such scenes in vivid detail...' Let yourself imagine it to your heart's content..."

"...Feminist leaders have zealously embraced the repressed memory ideology as evidence of the depravity of the human male..."

"...anti-male crusaders who played on parental fears to create a panic about sexual offenders..."

"...Misandry, victimology, gender feminism and society's complete absorption with our Self, provided the fertile ground for an unfortunate book to be written. It's called The Courage to Heal: A Guide for Women Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse..."

"...So accustomed are all contemporary college-educated persons to regarding men as 'exploiters' and women as 'victims', that all critical scrutiny is abandoned for claims, no matter how absurd...
....fantasies of abuse created out of nothing by the 'survivor' and her therapist, following the dictates of lesbian-feminist ideology..."

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