Tuesday, 20 December 2005

'Anyone can call themselves a counsellor or a psychotherapist'

From The Sydney Morning Herald:
"In the therapy world, Dr Tracie O'Keefe sounds more qualified than most.
Not only is she a doctor, she is also a professor. She heads the Australian Health and Education Centre, and the International Sex, Gender and Sexuality Clinic, establishments which are in that same shop in Glebe.
She offers advice on all manner of ills, from bereavement to gastro-intestinal disorders, from achieving orgasm to changing sex - which she did herself many years ago."
www.smh.com.au - Be careful what the doctor may have ordered

"Anyone can call themselves a counsellor or a psychotherapist...including therapists who have been banned from more tightly regulated fields such as psychiatry and psychology."
www.smh.com.au - Call to end free rein for therapists

"Not all therapies are the same and some unqualified practitioners may be offering unproven and potentially harmful treatments..."
www.smh.com.au - Stricter therapy rules needed, for the sake of community health

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